Expanding Food Access:
Connecting Our Communities with Local Farmers and Small Businesses

Farmers’ markets, and the fresh, locally grown food available there can be inaccessible to individuals and families who leverage food assistance programs

FAM helps to bridge the financial gap in a way that also creates community connections amongst an economically diverse population.


FAM patrons come to the farmers market and pick out their items from eligible vendors.

After identifying themselves as a FAM patron, the customer receives a receipt for their items.

FAM patrons process all of their transactions at a central location, where the match is applied.

Volunteers retrieve the purchased goods from the vendors and bring them to the FAM patron.

Vendors are reimbursed for the total amount purchased.



Discover how the FAM program is filling the gap left by the expiration of expanded SNAP funding, enabling individuals to make the most of their resources when purchasing food. This initiative creatively extends food assistance through farmers markets.
Farmers Market Image with Two Women
We are excited to announce the launch of Food Assistance Match, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which aims to increase access to fresh, nutritious food for in-need individuals and families in our community by doubling the purchasing power of food assistance programs such as SNAP.

Unbounded Appreciation:
Thank You to Our Supporters


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