About Food Assistance Match

Empowering Families, Empowering Communities: Working Together to Bridge Food Inequality

Food Assistance Match, Inc. (FAM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to fresh, nutritious food from local farmers and small businesses for individuals and families who are most in need. Through its novel, dignity-first approach, FAM addresses food insecurity challenges while supporting the enterprises and communities that are the fabric of southwestern Pennsylvania at select farmers markets in the region.


Farmers Markets, and the fresh, locally grown food available there, can be inaccessible to lower-income individuals and families. FAM helps to not just bridge the financial gap, but it does so in a way that creates community connections amongst an economically diverse population.

FAM achieves its mission by multiplying the buying power of food assistance programs, such as SNAP, the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, WIC, and others. As a result, patrons using these programs take home up to three times more locally-sourced food and goods, which leads to better overall health outcomes, a stronger regional economy, and a more resilient local food ecosystem.



You can find FAM at the local farmers markets in Bellevue and Cranberry Township. If you would like to be part of FAM or would like more information contact us via email at hello@foodassistancematch.org or phone at 412 228 3326


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