Spotlight on Pittsburgh: Organizations Making a Difference in Food Security

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In the fight against food insecurity, numerous organizations across Western Pennsylvania, particularly in the Pittsburgh area, are making significant strides. These groups work through various innovative and community-centered approaches to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious and affordable food. Here’s a spotlight on a few of these organizations, highlighting their efforts and the impact they are having in combating food insecurity.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is a cornerstone in the region’s fight against hunger, serving the community for over 40 years. This organization works to provide food security to people in need by distributing food through a network of partners, including pantries, community kitchens, and shelters. They also offer a range of programs designed to help individuals and families at risk of hunger. One of their key initiatives is the “Produce to People” program, which distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to thousands of families each month through large-scale, farmers market-style distributions across the region.

  • How They Help: By distributing over 35 million meals annually, they ensure that no one has to go to bed hungry in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Impact: Their work not only provides immediate access to food but also supports the long-term well-being of individuals by offering educational programs that teach skills like budgeting for groceries and nutritious cooking.

412 Food Rescue

Founded in response to the disconnect between food waste and hunger, 412 Food Rescue aims to address food insecurity by rescuing fresh, surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. This organization works with food retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, and caterers to rescue unsellable yet perfectly good food and deliver it to community organizations and food assistance programs. Their innovative Food Rescue Hero app makes it possible for thousands of volunteers to quickly transport fresh food directly from donors to those in need.

  • How They Help: By redirecting food that would otherwise be wasted, they provide access to fresh, healthy food for those in need.
  • Impact: 412 Food Rescue has diverted millions of pounds of food from landfills and provided millions of meals to those in need, significantly reducing both hunger and environmental impact in the Pittsburgh area.

Just Harvest

Just Harvest has been a powerful advocate for social and economic justice in Pittsburgh since 1986. Their work focuses on addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty by advocating for and supporting public policies that foster a fairer economy. They also help individuals and families access food assistance programs and services, such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and free tax preparation services, which help low-income families claim their full tax refunds and credits.

  • How They Help: Just Harvest educates and empowers individuals to utilize food assistance programs effectively and advocates for policies that alleviate food insecurity.
  • Impact: Through their advocacy and direct service, they have helped thousands of people in the Pittsburgh area improve their food security and move towards economic stability.

Food Assistance Match (FAM)

Food Assistance Match (FAM) is a local nonprofit organization focused on increasing access to fresh, nutritious food from local farmers and small businesses for individuals and families who are most in need. Through a dignified, community-supported approach, FAM enhances the buying power of food assistance programs like SNAP and WIC at select farmers markets in the region.

  • How We Help: FAM multiplies the buying power of food assistance benefits, allowing patrons to take home up to three times more locally-sourced food and goods.
  • Impact: By supporting both the local economy and the health of families, FAM fosters a more resilient local food ecosystem and helps ensure that nutritious food is accessible to all.

Pittsburgh Food Policy Council

The Pittsburgh Food Policy Council brings together stakeholders from various sectors to develop a more sustainable and equitable food system in the Pittsburgh area. They work on policies and projects that promote urban agriculture, increase the affordability and accessibility of healthy food, and support local food producers. Their Greater Pittsburgh Food Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy aimed at building a resilient food system that benefits everyone in the region.

  • How They Help: By coordinating efforts and advocating for policies that improve food security, they address systemic barriers to food access.
  • Impact: Their work has led to more inclusive food policies and has helped to strengthen the local food system, ensuring that more residents have access to affordable, nutritious food.


These organizations represent just a slice of the dedicated efforts underway in Western Pennsylvania, especially Pittsburgh, to combat food insecurity. By spotlighting these groups, we hope to not only celebrate their work but also inspire more people to get involved in these important efforts. Each organization, with its unique approach to addressing hunger and supporting local economies, contributes to a healthier, more vibrant community for all. Together, they are making a profound difference in the lives of thousands of residents, proving that with collaboration and commitment, change is possible.

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